Anna Mendelssohn


your travel why tiger not / been would be the same, a visitor
how thank you whom you refer to should inevitably capacities
heated light produces picturesque anthologies and probably it
quite lost get quite lost and probably meet a tiger pittor-
esque false collective though Sartre non-Aryan breed in
control Broke with Heidegger (c.f. Situations) tastes artists &
broad ground studied always control their tastes "BLIND BALLS".
alienated response friendly to fascists if on the liberation of
Paris I am I know why I would have only fought them in
the Resistance, in a helicopter so I have been building one
out of wood and scrap metal from the skips in the side
streets, pink dusty light, I'm ashamed to admit it is not
natural and Camus Combat 14 Août 1944 in the trees.

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