Deanna Ferguson

One Twain Thrice

operate audience

for Sunday pause in

delta, owls

another with

circulatory out


services asking should

children continue

and gaging

said it's overall--

decisions them

what changes struggling

marital inners shot with

pathway mellow, rush could

then throw alert a love

ego age, next zone

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legal private governments

grow, after others media

area of common

concern working the wedding

beckon --you'll winter

your less best better fight

pleasure-- soft emphasis

lightly factors, delay

viewed first usually

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to the together

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gears as flat

as eyes stripe picket signs

swaying beat

blew everything so throat could

crawl reflex

retch poetry to it, a syringe whose

break slings ways

say it was contagious, say

hate hopped on December day

fuelled one two little flash

drag creeps, o

jack them up and steal their stuff

print man dusts new heaven

electrostatic downscale, arms

indicate extended struggle

labour on it, plastic swipe

smoulder fan mag story enormous

winter ex-wife

may mews built and wet cold

through them, a fringe a fray

of green:

it's O.J. gripping toward

the heap

new heaven chills by