Tim Davis

'Post-Coital mortal coil (after The Moviegoer)'

if connective tissue's bunting, squint
for the sin of otherness
dates a checkered tablecloth
until it thinks it's gingham

saw her nail her screweye to a tooth loose
a pair of seconds in your sense of ken
who love melancholia and stuffing batting into rubber muskets

inflicted toothmark halo
greens saintsU lonliness
haggling the supermartyr checker down on decaf
--world may the world go

character of a taphammer
character of a passionate embraschure
more gorgons in this
linear ox-bow incident
fear opalescence than the liquidness of glass

saw her
in half

feeling particularly pied
getting the motes out of life
QmethuslahUs stock portfolio on permanent view
one thing leads to a similar formula:
one apple every four hours
keeps six doctors disappointed

and how understanding lead the league in punting
which one's pinch me? and who is
this might hurt a bit?
someone's got to outfit levittown with water wings
the marriage counselor's private baldness
totally recalls how double dull a couple is

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