Petrarch 325

Crayoned large enough to impress upon the world & the need to jump off it

at the edge of the eye where the cornea meets the A13

this hand is a wing and the other moving in front of the candle too thus painted

on the inside of Essex is a bat or a bird

where music fears the ground of the stripmalls of Romford & Barking

& the light off the Cortinas & breast tops

touch the edges of the Thames Delta

in the detective novel naked among warm summer leaves boys & goth girls

lovely to be fucking great for a while

lovely as patchouli oil on a woman called Lora from Birmingham

wearing white lipstick in markets & knowing the prices of the grapes & the melons

holding black orange pale blue & pink plastic products made in Hong Kong & not failing in conversation

reading Marx in the park & touching his cock

for all humanity beneath the shade of the trees

when we were French & were irresistible

when we wrote slogans about the necessity of roughage the sexual imperative & blowing

when we were doing this men in polyester in the Caribbean

& men in polyester in the shitty peninsular states between guessing & knowing

& men smarter than us in mixed fibre suits in lovely buildings

going about their business kept on going

without our illuminating the insides of unmanageable buildings

without sanction or knowledge fucking the destruction of workers’ collectives or non competitive contact sports

without loving the money behind which they lay hidden

barking worked in the way that a dialect caresses a language

& the tanks do not accept it

& the pixies & the fairies & elves then come in

& their little eyes rolling

& the confusion of police dogs

their shining fur

lovely for an instant

to both bite & be bitten

18 Alamo Road London SW19

finds all poets (-ah) sleeping

in awe of the washing up rota

well sorted & thought possibly

utopian & thoughtless forever

surfing & outraged

in shoes narrow or broad & therefore

immune from this system

hegemonic & bacterial

                                                                          Is this hell & are we in it?

                                        unconquerable therein snoring