Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle


For Freedom We Get Ravenous, Sister

A theory is no good until it can be proven.
Wrong! A theory is only good until it’s proven wrong!
The British Royal Society of Opthamologists
Quotes Traherne on its eyecharts;
Spell Check’s got a proper way
Now to write the curse word “ain’t”.
Immanuel Kant gits so huffy he k’ain’t tolerably abide his
Sagging garters. He invented and handmade for himself
A compensating spring-loaded mechanical suspender
Dropping wires down the inside of his trouser legs,
His socks kept correctable to the desired heights
By means of a thumb-activated trigger switch
Hidden in his pocket. I believe this rig to be
The key to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.
Does you eggheads gots a better answer?
If I find that cut-off knob in Prigogine’s noggin . . .
Ophelia pitifully fails, a daughter
A widdle bit too full of water;
Oughta been an otter. Maid
Made mad in weeds like these
Widows wear with mourning;
Beaver seen by submarine,
But(t) not saved from drowning . . .
If north of earth lies
             truth and death
All calls orient themselves
Like syllables through a door.
             who blew who
Plato or Play-doh?
Music poetry drama dance
The Greeks had no god of the novel.