Chris Paul
A fictional map of the night sky above N7. This in necessary because you cannot see the night sky in N7, I felt obliged to create a fictional one:
This is condensed light
Inaudible2                                                              against                                     the                night   sky        drapes         like
stars   dwindle       the             moon’s         foregon e c     onclusion3 with                                               autistic          pinpricks4     what
about all this metaphysical furniture he blurts conv               inced he is onto somet                5                hing this scores unreadable stut
ter thoughts half fo  rmed foetal pillows rasps shrill remedi     es peels eyes off the mirror Turin6 impre           ssion and the stubble7 leaves
imprints picking out a rhythm a8t last that is s                             ta                     catto at             first t h e n m         elancholy
becomes te            dious like t                         h            is inaudible sky   dwindles conclusion somewhat metaphysical but convince
d of hi                  s             t hough                               ts pillows the               songs peels mi              rroring the pic                   king at at
against                                drapes with all          about he scor                       es half som          ething eyeing him like the Turin sh         ro
uds stubb      le out at last beco          mes firstly a ted          ious sky whe             re the s                          tars’ moons are autis
tic fu rnit  ure an       d an unrea             dable form shrill like th                e impressions of leaves9                    that is the night’s stars
are foregone pinpricks he bl                       urts something stutters foetal remedies nicoti                           ne in the imprints the rhythm s
tacatto melancholy like                              this conclusion10