Brent Cunningham
Anatomie of Sleep (Division 1, Section 6)

No one acts!
No one pretends!
No one pretends to or pretends!
One hundred seventy infinity hundred!

Well how could they?
Their calendars are date calendars
& their winter covers ten million Wednesdays.
One hundred infinity thirteen times They-We endure.
They-We didn’t want to, sure.
But They-We were practicing.

The first machine ever was for counting.
Not for money, but for minutes.
Only a person can break the mind from the body.
Man o man!
Are these still the Passing Formalities that are Number?

Ok, here is the thing.
The cosmos is a LITERAL purpose.
Some will be left to run the home business.
Ships like a seed-pod will go up and up.
They will not know what their passions are for.
It will be their luck to be the PRACTICE world.

Monday: A Person lay on the floor.
Tuesday: A Person brought up the head.
Wednesday: A Person brought down the head.
Thursday: The Person asks the finger to move.
Friday: The Person asks the finger is it moving.

So everyone wants to know SUM TOTAL.
Well the universe right enters the mind.
Won’t it make the mind berzerk?
No, it doesn’t appear then it will.
I will enter the mind says the universe
but I will not make it berzerk.

But the spirit is a killer!
Don’t fear, for spirit must REASON from soul.
Not everyone will take the seed-pods anyway.
Their CONFUSION has been the hated quality.
But it will attend them on ten decade hundred-flight!

Ok, but what will you say to those in the sun?
What will I finally say to others?
I will say the phantom washes in a pie tin.
I will witnesss two skies and two slender grasses.
I will say my mind was listing.