Hey, Kylie—
When you were in The Delinquents did it feel like
a play on words?

                        I’m stressing out worrying about
                        you coming down with cancer
                        and cancelling what looked, from the outside,

                        like a person satisfied,

                        in a play on words
                        I was stitching nine
                        kinsmen of mine
                        wore holes in the marble steps with their knees,
                        pilgrims to a Mecca of health trying

                        to will you to live and then,
somehow I forgot and it was oh yes, Kylie,
                                     still sick      oops

like that ad where Kate Winslet sifts through mementos in Camden Market,
                     recites all the odd things that happened to her in her films as though
                     she’d really lived through them, “By 19 I was penniless and
                     heartbroken. I almost drowned at 20 . . . Then I had my memory
                     erased at 28 . . .”

                                               She pulls back and remembers
                                                                 Her life
                                                                Her card
                                                    Hateful, how hateful

                                                                                                   But you would do that