Kit Robinson
for Ted Greenwald

Keep it real, homes
Post no toast
That day is history
Brand spoken gone
What you hear is southbound
Chime in with dirt
Manufacturing logic
To keep pace with sound
Regulation size brain
Heart pumping basketball

Doubt fills out process
The news is just what
The way the wind blows
Fascinating to watch
Unpredictable links
Care what you do
Unknown solder
Keeping it together
The blue light special
Nothing to do with it

Tracks are governors
You jump ‘em
And end up with burrs
All over your sleeves
Start up and fight like a monk
In line for gruel
If you have taste
It is only for fun
Knowledge aforethought
Arriving on track ten

The week is a hand
Seven card draw
Play out the string
Worry ‘bout a thing
Manager upstairs
Out to lunch
Not going to be
Wouldn’t kid
Have houses
Blow numbers

Loosen your straps
Telegraph weather
Seemingly vast
Coast to coast
Everything you do
Everything you say
Plays out in the real
The way a sound has
Of defining space
Same thing

You get to drive the train
While laying the tracks
It’s a metal note
That pings with glee
In the howling storm
You got eyes
Hug the coastline
Be at ease
Circular days
Long blue sky