S p e a k e r   o f   t h e   H o u s e

Life in the wild isn’t what it used to be

I guess it’s safe to say we’re sound asleep (not a peep)

The birdhouse at the Bronx Zoo never looked like this

Mother Nature and Human Emotion swap poles

No one has time for space

Euphemism’s as good as it gets (oxidized juncos)

A difference engine spooking even the shade of Houdini

(Particle Theory)

No visible means of escape

The SAT’s in Sanskrit scored on steel mesh by Doctor Who

A cage within a cage custom-made for a wraith

Otis elevator from a meteor shower stucco’d peradventure with divots left

   by the Great Head-Banging Auk

Not a laugh-in but a standup coffin or comfort station for autism

Can one say beekeeping is useful

And Egyptology is not

Why is it buttons give solace deeper than any personality