Chris Vitiello
from "Countlessness"

Before evening twilight, adjacent to and straddling into this twilight, a twilight approachment, a during until the beginning of twilight

Is a daily unique light layer or slab in of the sky brighter than the light on about the ground

Under-tree shadows’ darkness incongruent with the sky’s light parts above and along the horizon      Sun rays and the ground horizontal make an acute angle approaching parallel, unfixing the implied vertex

Sky’s light has a tone       Ground-light lacks tone, just shadow

So, on the rise along the Durham Freeway where it comes into downtown from the southeast so much of the sky is visible and the horizon      Unkindness of parataxis

The way I drive home, looping from above down onto the freeway rise, at this time of year in just this light window open before evening twilight

Low cumulus clouds, their convolutions precise backlit edge      Cloud is not a verb right now here

The clouds allow the sky      Could write that many times with different verbs in there but that would disallow “The clouds allow the sky”      This is work

As if my eyesight is improved in this during      A poem made of poems

The range of sunlight angles tightens more verge vanish      Last details before night details which are more of desire and imaginary vacillating toward simultaneity and not equivalence      Just shadow with entendre of judgment

An example: Distinctly able to see the bolt heads along the joints of a water tower, the hexagonal bolt head as a separate from the circular flange below it

You never say: That thing has n characteristics

Twilight itself is a during, this duration of tight light is a concatenated sub-during

Differently clear than in broad daylight      The clear differences are because of Sun light is passing directionally through it then fewer angles range

The obdurate exit of day      Day’s obdurate exit

The adjacent b and d in sub-during plus the initial letters in broad and daylight made me think of the word obdurate so I saw one way of using it, this way, but the lyricism of its line disgusts me

All durations are linear      Though it is more the personification in the expression “exit of day” that’s disgusting

The core of the Sun is 27million degrees Fahrenheit

Above ability relative conception      Light pressure like air pressure

Do you know what that tool is for      This is winter light      We are 6 weeks from our perihelion

This is a permanent sentence (Do not destroy this sentence)

The visible difference between bolt head and circular flange is the curvature of the Earth      Their separation is conveyed by and conveys shadow

Flying over flooded agricultural rectangles in Thailand, the sunlight reflection in the water patches moving analogously to my eyes pair in the airplane window, I related to the surface of Earth in the same way that the Sun does

Nothing inanimate can be obdurate      Causality is not being

The middle strand of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is the point at which I was most aware of my location on the surface of a spherical astronomical body

My eyes are set in my head

Twilight happens both just after sunset and just before sunrise

Hours out over the Pacific Ocean, around the International Date Line, I thought “I am a spaceman”

Light gets between us      Disappear the atmosphere, without that rhyme

That water tower, let me be able to be meaning all this with just the two words “water tower,” makes a good example because it has large smooth geometrical shapes, a spheroid with a sub-equatorial ridge seam, atop a perpendicular hexagonal geodesic lattice around a thick cylindrical central post that flares just above the ground

I see the tower’s shape because of the light and I see the light because of the shape of the tower

35° 58' 58.96" N, 78° 53' 18.08" W       A projection of brightness parallel to the ground so that the ground is not itself illumined so much as its protrusions are in a relative chiaroscuro

The tower’s shape is not because of the light      Prompt for ask why

Looking with a hunger because night is imminent and that hunger will be unfulfilled or differently fulfilled

Civil twilight is the center of the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon      Nautical twilight is the center of the Sun is 12 degrees below the horizon      Astronomical twilight is the center of the Sun is 18 degrees below the horizon      Atemporal durations

The photograph has a white hexagon of sun on-in it

I go non-specifically there and stay then-specifically there

Again: The rise along the Durham Freeway where it comes into downtown from the southeast so much of the sky is visible and the horizon

A third of a mile south of the 36th parallel      A third of a mile north of the 36th parallel, Vicki and Iris sleep

Verge of crepuscular commute

The word “horizon” could be always capitalized like “Sun”

The surface of the Sun that we see is a gaseous layer 100 kilometers thick of roiling solar granules that each last for 10 minutes to a day before adjacent and underneath granules buffet and burst them      The sound of a bursting solar granule is what we would call the sound of the Sun      Not true

When shadow hits my side of the building the heating system quickly turns on

Can description be absent metaphor      Can cosmography be absent description

From the top of this parking deck see the layer of daily construction exhaust that has accumulated to the south      That is not meant as an example of an answer to the earlier question about description

Last night’s rain, cold and unromaticizable      I’ll take my shortcomings in stating this so      That is not meant as an example of an answer to the earlier question about description

We have “zenith” and “nadir” because there was a need for a beyond-relative scale of “up” and “down”      Twilight really is a layer of light in the sky as it is atmospherically reflected post-sunset and pre-sunrise sunlight

I followed my plane’s shadow for miles

I don’t know the kind of tree in the median between the sidewalk and street, between our front windows and the streetlamp, and when this tree is wet at night its network of thin vertical branches catches the expanding hemisphere of light that the streetlamp emits constantly, a peach light, and the wet tree glistens are cumulatively seen as conical bright web tunnel that shifts its axis with one’s vantage

The cone is seen but is not there      The cone is seen and is not there