A following sea

Interrupted this heroist of faith, turned inward on like a dawn
raid of the kitchen condiments, tubes filled with sweet medicines
jars hearing the flat and tranquil surfaces.

All matter that waits, also this machine according to its
particular dynamics rises. By radio my operation
is coordinated to Ilium, rebounding tenax vigor

filling my sleeve. Over baby girl the orbital rises, following her car
tagged on the bangle of the road: it does revolve under the wheels,
their confident play on the flat out, reaching toward blasted south.

And in the bushes a fox barks, a mouse plaints,
jays boss for their money a hunk of coconut fat
dangling from the blitzed tree.

This suburban spur is the inside, settled by curled
darlings of the law in whom the law
has bred and a family myopia, playing all night by the rules.

For little birds have white cheeks, and children singing
teacher teacher in western harmony are rosy like the dawn
when the tribes assemble on a double yellow.

Same geometry since the day you were born. Troops
ranging to oppose the loss of any individual member.
Where they are falling below the footprint of this house

that settles it into a curve of clay, north city
gully increase the demassification of overburdened earth.
She our girl stoops and waves our arms conducting

the run out to the borders of her abrupt anger – she knows
no different, poking the sudden dark of the screen, limits
appearing in the middle of that extense potence which people

make opposing her. The plurality of the earth
works the cyclamen returning
‘alpine snow’ potted at the garden step. These miniatures

and simples given me to concoct and run the house over
as neighbours tread their fighting love through my house,
the jars and inhabitant animals as alone as they are, fabricant
interring the music which is not, the clash of tambours and tweeters

on flat and icy surface named again. It is never and nowhere
different, we follow the sea in which we drop
the child’s name, where she can follow it down.