Thymallus thymallus (grayling)

Who love’s to catch a grayling. At any rate them or gold head hares. What a day. Tap tap tap the nymphs are bumping the whole team of nymphs. So I have to change my rig & dee knows this dee & dove because their all still flies. Anyway tug tug tug I touch the nymph like any secret watcher & it began to hurt right up to the whip-finish. But the grayling holds. But also the best beats lie hanging over in the breeze & quaking. So another rise lifting to a small brown up-wing. Then I wonder at the bank-side if their on the move. Maybe their getting ready to move to test out where the best beats lie? Anyhow only one more hook one fingerling & I slip off I’m base I’m scarce I’m silvery all over.