Jackson Mac Low
“Doings : Assorted Performance Pieces 1955-2002”
Granary Books
ISBN 1-887123-70-9
1. Should this review be for people who have never heard of the author before?
2. For people who have heard of him but not read him?
3. For people who have read him a bit?
4. For fans?
5. Is it necessary to give some background?
6. Can it be assumed that visitors to onedit will know Jackson Mac Low’s work?
7. Is it important as a reviewer to express an opinion about an established writer?
8. Is it better to merely detail the contents?
9. Should this review convince people to buy this book?
10. Is it possible to express reservations about some sound works?
11. Is it possible to be objective about your favourite writer?
12. Is it desirable?
13. Does a black & white anthology do justice to works which often require colour?
14. Is the CD the main point because these are performance pieces?
15. Is it okay to prefer the works / instructions on the page rather than on CD?
16. What does that say about the performances?
17. What if a performer were to fuck with the rather dogmatic performance
       instructions? Would the author be angry or should he just lighten up a bit?
18. What does this say about their execution & relationship to the text?
19. Is there any point in seeing this as an either/or question?
20. Who will do a Collected Light Poems?
21. Which 20th Century poet will be read as much in 200 years?
22. What kind of poem hasn’t he written?
23. How can you not buy this book?
24. How can you not ______ him?

1.No 2.No 3.No 4.Yes 5.Yes. About the book. It’s 266 pages, large-format, with CD of texts contained inside. Published by Granary Books, there is an introduction by Steve Clay followed by chronological instructions & text / artwork. 6.Yes – always assume the intelligence of your readers. But never assume too much. 7.This is my opinion 8.Some: Early Gathas [1961], The Five Young Turtle Assymmetries [1967], 54th Light Poem: For Ian Tyson [1978], Is That Wool Hat My Hat? [1980], Two Thousand [1999]. & 35 others. 9.The work does this 10.No 11.No. Yes. 12.Yes. No. 13.No: but it is magnificent nevertheless. 14. Possibly. 15. See JML’s poem ‘Content’ 16. Om 17. Perhaps one should try 18.Woof 19.None 20. The reader 21.Noone 22.A boring one. 23.If you haven’t got $50, you can’t 24.What is love? This.