Tim Davis

'Connections, layovers, saddlings, and spokes'

so goes the holiest throw rug
tabling clark kent out of bausch & lomb with
famous frames on layaway
that lobby jazz instills a sense of striking distance
if not the gods, the moderns, then, will leave a building by the door

outside awnings milk the sky of maw
name things sorrier than the sense of tooth to gap
glue guns heady in the seismic holster
a readiness
like pacemakers served on candied ham

these numbers won me all the gum on the street
the knees gravitate the magazines
thus blunt forces sup with the subtler
tongue depressor made of balsa
action figures jam the door

also they've
made the sea one way
like when the art costs more than the frame
or cart's memory of horse
recovers its antique billing procedure

starting this first
jupiter must buy an extra ticket for its spot
it's hard to know if there's a hand in it
interstices hold a head of giddy hecklers
but in the stations it's zip zip

in'nt it? or are the walmarts trawlers been dolled-down?
discount daydreams of oodles
paint a coat of
placate upon her crystal terminus
having tried to park that thing in zion