Anatomie of Sleep (Division 1, Section 8)

But a heart must burst or turn to stone.
But a heart must burst or turn to stone.

What makes the tables and countryside and suspension bridges REALLY?
Every being required and lawfully made to rest.
Two-thirds time the mind receives.
One-third Thought stares at Thought as REQUIRED.

It was not Forces making this! I was eleven years old!

Now to love you must know something.
Yes, and for envying and other things too.
But I wished to love and know nothing.

Every-one is proud of their assembling.
Every-one wants to line up and survive and witness.
But no-one is proud of their wrecking five trillion.
I will take wrecking as a literal wrecking!

Whatever you do it is still a stone axis.
I fought all my own thoughts.
I fought all my own pleasures.
Each and every Mote of Feeling.
The sun approaches in granules.
Where ALL look up
On the authority of a lost EARTH.

Nine decillion eyes in rapid-fire.

Something. Something.