Anatomie of Sleep (Divison 1, Section 9)

We rise twelve-sixty P.M. miles superior to earth.

Twelve-fifty countries fetch firewood!
The other fifty burn it.
I find workers down in the hold.
They look up and cheer and hate.

There! I had trained my young mind to every non-discrete question not yet satisfied. It is
natural for surface to become depth. That’s how you survive and come from caves or
wetlands to inhabit every nine tenths corner of world. Shallotte!

So George Westinghouse took me under his wing, and I slept.

Radiation is innocent. It passes though earth lovingly and through Eugene river and
through jars of honey lovingly. It can puncture steel lead gum or paper treated titanium
shield on broomsticks in the front cone of a ship. It can puncture everything and pass
through everything with one exception and that is so excess of steel lead and gum and
even scraps of paper that it will waste time and make your instant to enter the core. The
ship goes in then you are safe. BESIDES radiation is life and there are living in the sun.
BESIDES its atoms are excess infinity millions topping twenty topping nine. Actually
twenty millions millions Xmillions infinity tripled.

HENCE every sun is habitable nontoxic and lit up in constant day.
ALSO there are seasonal blue rivers of mineral asteroids.
PLUS inhabitants who have twelve twenty five-hundred tin foil suits.
They get bored in constant day and create museums of dark.

Falla! In the hold the human workers are straining.
The atoms come through & damage but they reproduce.
They have advantage in ratio and force but not in mind.
So all balance is lost in the Passing Formality of Number!

I dreamed of the women sleeping on earth.
Their anklets and eyelids all moving.
Their calves and their ears all twitching and beautiful.