Prospero showed the magic roundabout
Saying, how the painted ponies fly up and down
Like him, time’s over eager has snapped my wand
It is a dry thing gnarled by salt water and hung on
gallery walls by Matthew Higgs

          I’ll never let you go, it will be my mestiny
                  merely a dot on the map of time where the roads
                  end in a Western, Major Dundee

The things I won’t do amount to a hill of beans,
          It’s destiny with a “me” in it—front-loaded like a glove compartment—
                  and so
                  when I was 27 I spent the night in Greece and
                  the oracle told me, I will never abandon you,
it wouldn’t be mestiny

                  have you heard the whisper
                  that through the marble hall Delphi announced to me?—
                  Major Dundee isn’t that captivating