Kevin Killian
                                      The MAGIC ROUNDABOUT
In summer 500  


years back, in time, we hiked to the camera obscura, at our fingertips a steel

drum with pictures deep in it of the shimmering, shifting sea we live on
            All over the world dive bombers are coming to get ya

See, Leech, how various our universe, sheep tart as pies, and
            girl on magic carousel

Me and Dodie in that dark circular room, so dark you’d
            bump into a stranger, the life of San Francisco pictured on our hands, in
            palm a silver shield awash in 360 degrees

            everything you wanted to know about Gene Wilder coming too soon (one,
two, three, boom as he put it),
            girl drags dog on lead down bayberry hedge-lined path in midsummer
                           500 years ago, San
Francisco, portobello cut-outs on kebab sticks, flecked with wee squares of
            wet red pepper
Leonardo dreamed it up, the Rambaldi invention of its day; and we really got
           fucked up good there.