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Allison, Shane: POEMS (issue 11)
Atkins, Tim: translations from Horace (issue 3)
Atkins, Tim: 2 Catalan Visual Poems (issue 5)
Atkins, Tim: 4 Catalan Visual Poems (issue 7)
Atkins, Tim: Petrarch (issue 8)
Atkins, Tim: Petrarch (issue 11)


Bender, Lauren: Dictionary Poems (issue 8)
Bernstein, Charles: Morality (issue 12)
Berrigan, Anselm:Poems (issue 5)
Best-Chetwynde, Kyle Storm: Dog Puke (issue 10)
Bogle, Ann: from Dog barks up a tree at the apple still left in it under a deerslim moon (issue 12)
Bonney, Sean: Poems (issue 6)
Bonney, Sean: Baudelaire in English (issue 8)
Brady, Andrea: Poems (issue 6)
Buckerton, Lara: TEN POEMS (issue 10)


Cain, Amina: The Meaning of my Life (issue 15)
Champion, Miles: Poem (issue 1)
Champion, Miles: Sore Models (issue 9)
Clarke, Adrian: From EUROCHANTS (issue 12)
Cooke, Jennifer: POEMS (issue 11)
Coolidge, Clark: AIR (issue 5)
Coolidge, Clark: CONGERIES (issue 5)
Coolidge, Clark: STONE & GROUND (issue 6)
Coultas, Brenda: Selection from The Abolitionist Journal (issue 4)
Critchley, Emily: Homage to Cathy Wagner (issue 13)
Critchley, Emily: Poems (issue 16)
Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle, Geoffrey: Poem (issue 12)
Cunningham, Brent: Anatomie of Sleep (Division 1, Section 6-10) (issue 4)


Davenport, Philip: a long poem about everything (issue 13)
Davies, Alan: 7 Poems (issue 10)
Davies, James: Acronyms(ms) (issue 11)
Davis, Tim: 4 Poems (issue 1)
Day, Jean: DAYDREAM (issue 4)
De'Ath, Amy: Poems (issue 14)
de Wit, Johan: Poems (issue 14)
DiPalma, Ray: KILLING FLOOR (issue 7)
Downs, Buck: Jones County (issue 4)
DuCharme, Mark: from Projections (issue 10)
Duggan, Laurie: January (issue 10)
Durasow, Gareth Manuscript Exhumed by Nicolas Spicer (issue 16)


Evans, Thomas: Poems (issue 3)
Evans, Thomas: Emblems (issue 7)
Evans, Thomas: 3 Emblems (issue 11)
Edwards, Ken: The Glory Boxes (issue 7)


Farnum, Gregory: Poems (issue 16)
Ferguson, Deanna: Poem (issue 1)
Ferguson, Deanna: EDITH & ENID (issue 6)
Finlay, Alec: The Thread of Emptiness (issue 5)
Finlay, Alec: Poems (issue 16)
Fisher, Allen: marbles (issue 10)
Fisher, Allen: Proposals (issue 13)
Fisher, Allen: The Art of Flight (issue 16)
Fitterman, Rob: from Metropolis (issue 1)


Gallagher, Ryan: Polka Fugue Poems (issue 5)
Gibbens, John: Underscore (issue 12)
Gillfillan, Merrill: Poems (issue 6)
Gilonis, Harry: Forty Fungi (issue 9)
Gizzi, Michael: Poems (issue 4)
Godwin, Harry: Poems (issue 13)
Goldman, Judith: Rotten Oasis (issue 1)
Goldman, Judith: Poems, 8-25 (issue 10)
Greenwald, Ted & Robinson, Kit: RETURNS NATIVE (issue 12)
Guthrie, Elizabeth : Poems (issue 16)


Hakim, Khaled: Letter To Brakhage (issue 9)
Halsey, Alan: Dee & Kelley's Celestial Handbook (issue 10)
Harvest Clarke, Lucy: Evoker vs. Revolver (issue 11)
Harvest Clarke, Lucy: poems (issue 15)
Hawkins, Ralph: From The History of Inventions (issue 16)
Hilson, Jeff: from Bird Bird (issue 4)
Hilson, Jeff: from Bird Bird (issue 8)
Hilson, Jeff: from In The Assarts (issue 10)
Holloway, Rob: PERMIT (issue 3)
Hugill, Piers: from Sonnet: 2 (issue 4)
Hunt, Laird: New Marvell Goose (issue 3)


Inman, P.: lennie-bird (issue 3)


Jarnot, Lisa: 3 Poems (issue 1)
Jarnot, Lisa: gratuitous crocodile sonnet with carnage (issue 3)
Jaeger, Peter: from prasarita poems (issue 3)
Jenks, Tom: out of office (issue 11)
Johnson, Kent: Twenty Hinged Propositions in Search of a Lost Political Poem (issue 6)
Jon, Elffish: Hitherto Hither Green (issue 16)


Katko, Justin: Love Poems Holodecke (issue 10)
Kane, Daniel: Poems (issue 14)
Killian, Kevin: The Magic Roundabout (issue 4)
Killian, Kevin: Poems (issue 16)
Kunin, Aaron: The Easy Winners (issue 4)
Kruk, Frances: Poems (issue 5)
Kruk, Frances: Poems (issue 8)


LaMancuso, Kate: from Deletion Series (issue 8)
Landry, John: Letter From Patmos (issue 5)
Leonard, Tom: a traverse sequence (issue 15)
Lewis, Chandler: Poems (issue 14)
Lowther, John: from The Stoppages (issue 10)
Luna, Joe: 100% DEET (issue 15)


Mac Low, Jackson: 125 Postcard Poems (issue 1)
Manson, Douglas: Isabelle Pelissier: Folio Notebooks (issue 2)
Manson, Peter: Prose (for des Esseintes) from Mallarme (issue 11)
Mendelssohn, Anna: Rearranged Letter to Thomas Evans (issue 1)
Morris, Marianne: Poems (issue 8)




Olsen, Redell: from Book of The Fur (issue 1)
Oborne, Abigail: the future (issue 8)


Padget, Ron: Picabia Translations (1968) (issue 8)
Parker, Richard: Poems (issue 16)
Paul, Chris: Maps / Annotations (issue 3)
Pelissier, Isabelle: Selections From Notebook 1-7 (issue 2)
Pester, Holly: interviewing artists and ducks (issue 12)
Petrarch: 3 Sonnets (issue 16)

Pettet, Simon: Five Poems (issue 7)


Quenaeau, Raymond: An Elemental Primer (issue 6)


Raworth, Tom: ISSUE THEM GASMASKS (issue 6)
Ray DiPalma: Twelve Poems From PURGAVAGO(issue 15)
Parker, Richard: 2 Poems (issue 13)
Robinson, Kit: GIMME ONE TASTE (issue 4)
Robinson, Kit: More Ice Cubes (issue 7)
Greenwald, Ted & Robinson, Kit: RETURNS NATIVE (issue 12)
Robinson, Sophie: Poems (issue 13)
Rodefer, Stephen: MON CANARD (issue 9)
Rosier, Rebecca: one liners (issue 13)


Scalapino, Leslie: Delay Rose (issue 7)
Seed, John: Poems (issue 10)
seekers of lice: The Bride of L'Amor-mor-l'amor (issue 13)
Sheppard, Robert: Dave Cave Hologram Poet (issue 16)
Shrin, Aaron: THE IMMEDIATE LOCAL (issue 7)
Sikelianos, Eleni: Done Undone (issue 3)
Sikelianos, Eleni: Poetics of the Exclamation Point (issue 9)
Sims, Laura: Excerpt From Corrections (issue 5)
Skinner, Jonathan: WARBLERS (issue 4)
Skinner, Jonathan: Poems (issue 12)
Smith, Simon: from Grey, In Theory (issue 3)
St. Thomasino, Gregory Vincent: Poems (issue7)
Stefans, Brian Kim: In Pines (issue 3)
Stork, Betty: bicinium (issue 10)


Terry, Philip (translator): Quenaeau, Raymond: An Elemental Primer (issue 6)
Terry, Philip: MALLARME AND THE POSTMAN (issue 7)
Terry, Philip: DANTE: INFERNO (issue 12)
Tiplady, Jonty: From BOUNCE BEYOND (issue 13)
Tiplady, Jonty: J1 (issue 16)
Treadwell, Elizabeth: 2 from Shell keep. (issue 13)
Turner, Matt: Untitled Poem To Be Read At The Next Comintern (issue 5)



Van Horn, Erika: Forty Fungi (issue 9)
Vincent, Stephen: Sleeping With Sappho (issue 7)
Vincent, Stephen: Stephen Vincent (issue 12)
Vitiello, Chris: from "Countlessness" (issue 5)


Willey, Steve: PROJECTIONS & DISTILLATIONS (issue 11)
Wolsak, Lissa: Poem (issue 14)